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My name is Amber Elizabeth and I'm a portrait photographer. I'm a wife of over 15 years and mother to my 3 little miracles! 


I've been in love with photography for over 16 years. My passion started when I was in middle school and you could rarely find me without a camera. Serving as photographer and photo editor throughout my younger years in school, mentoring a published photographer and having three children I couldn't resist capturing their every move; these experiences sealed the deal for me. 


Aossey 5.jpg

My style is simple and candid, allowing the subjects to tell the story of the photograph.

My favorite shots are of those in-between moments, the unexpected laughter- those moments in life that are spontaneous and unpredicted.

For me, photography isn't a job, it's a passion. I'm able to learn something new on every shoot.

I see life differently when I have my camera in hand.

~Amber Elizabeth

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